Virtual Silent Auction

VitualAuction The air is buzzing with so much activity here at Emerge! We are in our last week of classes and the gallery is full of amazing artwork courtesy of the Schwa Show exhibition.

This auction is special to us and we hope to you! Our activity is focused specifically on our potters. Bid to win solo studio time on a Saturday! Our artwork pieces include a mixed media collage by our own Gail Ritzer and a collaborative necklace by metalsmith Liz Steiner and potter Christine Erickson. And to top it off, we have some throwback tees available!

The Auction Get creative with a little mix and match  will open October 15th!

New items up for auction:

Solo Studio Time for an Emerge Potter
Throwback Tees
Vincent's Cabinet des Fleurs by Gail Ritzer
and.... a Necklace by Liz Steiner!

 Place your bids here!